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Looking for references on Voltage Stability and Voltage Collapse (Power Systems), IEEE papers, Journals, Books, .. etc.

>>> Thanks to Iowa State University, Dr. Ajjarapu, ECE dpt.) <<<


Ohms Law Calculator

Voltage (E) = Current (I) * Resistance (R)
Power (watts) = Current Squared (I^2) * Resistance (R)
Power = I*E = E^2 / R

Volts (E)
Amps (I)
Ohms (R)
Power (Watts)
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Electrical Calculator

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Blue are Inputs Red are outputs
A Ph ,
B Ph ,
C Ph ,
Sum ,
|N|,Angle ,
Radius, Angle ,
Offset Height, Dist
For Offsets Shrinkage, Multiplier ,


Electrical Engineering Calculator
This is an Ohms Law Calculator that we feel should be helpful to Electrical Engineers. Courtesy
of Iowa State University, Dr. Ajjarapu, ECE Department.
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