Gage Factor - A measure of the ratio of the relative change of resistance to the relative change in length of a piezoresistive
strain gage

Gage Pressure - The pressure above (or below) atmospheric. Represents positive difference between measured pressure
and existing atmospheric pressure.

Galling - A severe form of adhesive wear which occurs during sliding contact of one surface relative to another.

Galvanic Corrosion - Corrosion associated with the current of a galvanic cell consisting of two dissimilar conductors in an
electrolyte or two similar conductors in dissimilar electrolytes

Galvanize - To coat a metal surface with zinc using various processes.

Gamma Iron - The face-centered cubic form of pure iron, stable from 910 to 1400°C.

Gamma Ray - Short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation

Gamma Stirling Engine - A beta Stirling engine in which the power piston is not mounted coaxially to its displacer piston.

Gang Milling - A milling setup where a number of cutters are arranged on an arbor so that several surfaces can be machined
at one time.

Gas - Matter with no definite shape or volume.

Gasification - Production of gaseous or liquid fuels from organic material.

Gasket - A device, usually made of a deformable material, that is used between two relatively static surfaces to prevent

Gas Metal Arc Welding - An arc welding process that produces coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc between a
continuous filler metal electrode and the work pieces.

Gas Pedal - A pedal that when pressed is connected to the engine and demands more torque.

Gas Turbine - A turbine driven by the expansion of burning fuel.

Gas Welding - A process in which the welding heat is obtained from a gas flame.

Gate Valve - A valve regulated by the position of a circular plate

Gauge Blocks - Steel blocks machined to extremely accurate dimensions.

G Clamp - A screw-activated clamping device in the shape of the letter G.

Gear Design - Fundamental parameters used in describing gears.

Gear Noise - Gear noise such as whine are generated by meshing gears due to the vibration causedby failure of the rolling
action between the mating teeth.

Gears - Wheels with teeth around the circumference that mesh to transfer rotation between the two at the ratio of the
radius of the pitch circle.

Geometric Scattering - Acoustic scattering in which the wavelength of the sound used is much smaller than the size of object
causing the scattering.

Geotechnical - The study of the structural properties of earthen materials.

GFI (Ground fault interrupter) - a device that senses ground faults and reacts by opening the circuit

Girder Spanner - An adjustable spanner with jaws at right angles to the handle.

GIS - Geographic Information System, a computer mapping system used to gather, store and work with geographic data.

Glass Ceramic - A fine-grained crystalline material that was formed as a glass and subsequently devitrified (crystallized).

Glass Transition Temperature - The temperature at which, upon cooling, a noncrystalline ceramic or polymer transforms from
a supercooled liquid into a rigid glass.

Glasspaper - An abrasive paper used to smooth the rough edges of freshly sawn wood.

Glider - A highly efficient engineless aeroplane. Capable of flying for long periods in gently rising air currents.

Globe Valve - A type of stemmed valve that is used for flow control.

Goldschmidt Process - The method of obtaining liquid metal by reduction of the oxide with aluminium powder.
Governor - A mechanical or electronic device for controlling or limiting the rotational speed of an engine or shaft.

Grade - Grade is used to define an angle, grade of sandpaper, amongst others..

Graduation Mark - The marks that define the scale intervals on a measuring instrument are known as graduation marks.

Grain - An individual crystal in a poly-crystalline metal or alloy.

Greenfield - Land not previously developed beyond agriculture or forestry use.

Gross Vehicle Weight - The maximum loaded weight, including the vehicle itself, passengers, and cargo, for which a vehicle is
designed and as specified by the manufacturer.

Groundwater - Water that filters through the soil to saturate wells and springs.

GROUT - (verb) To force sealing material into a soil, sand or confined small space; (noun) the sealing material used in

Gudgeon Pin - Also known as Piston Pin, a pin that rests in two bored holes in the piston and passes through the eye of the
connecting rod, to join the two together flexibly.

GUI - Graphical User Interface. A computer screen interface that presents information in a user-friendly way using pictures,
graphics and icons.

Guyan Reduction (Static Condensation) - A Finite Element reduction technique which is used in the dynamic solution of very
large problems having a large number of degrees of freedom where we often desire only a small percentage of the
frequency and mode shapes.

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight.
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