IC Engine - Internal Combustion Engine.

IDIQ - Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity

Idle - Internal combustion engine operating at no load and minimum engine speed.

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Ignition Temperature - The minimum temperature necessary to initiate combustion (oxidation) and have self-sustained
combustion of the solid, liquid, gas, or vapor of interest

Ignition Timing - The time of occurrence of ignition measured in degrees of crankshaft rotation relative to TDC (Top Dead

Imbalance - Unequal radial weight distribution on a rotor system.

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol. A system used to retrieve mail, where the mail resides on the server instead of the
client application.

IMEP - During the cycle of an engine useful work is only done on the power stroke.

Impact Test - A test to determine the behavior of materials when subjected to high rates of loading, usually in bending,
tension or torsion.

Impedance - The total opposition to electrical flow (resistive plus reactive).

Impeller - A device that imparts motion to a fluid.

Implosion - A violent inward collapse.

Independent Chuck - A chuck in which each jaw may be moved independently of the others.

Independent Power Producer - A producer of electricity that is not regulated as a utility by state or federal authority.

Indicated Mean Effective Pressure - During the cycle of an engine useful work is only done on the power stroke.

Indicator Diagram - A plot of pressure vs. volume.

Induction Brazing - Bonding is produced by the heat obtained from the resistance of the work to the flow of induced electric
current and by using a nonferrous filler metal.

Induction Hardening - Quench hardening in which the heat is generated by electrical induction.

Inert Gas - A gas which does not normally combine chemically with other elements.

Influent - The fluid entering a system, process, tank, etc.

Infrared - An area in the electromagnetic spectrum extending beyond red light from 760 nanometers to 1000 microns

Infrastructure  - Public facilities such as transportation systems; water supply and wastewater systems; and energy
production, transmission and distribution systems.

Ingot - A steel casting that is cast into a mould which when solidified will be rolled in a blooming mill to plates and slabs for

Inner Dead Center - Also known as top dead centre.

Inside Caliper - An instrument used to measure the inside dimension of an object.

Incident Light - Light that shines onto the face of a solar cell or module.

Instant Glue - More formally known as Cyanoacrylate.

Insulator - A material that does not allow the passage of electric charge or is a poor conductor of thermal energy.

Internal Combustion Engine - Any engine, either reciprocating or rotary, in which the fuel is consumed in the interior of the
engine rather than outside of the engine.

Internal Force - Forces which hold an object together when external forces or other loads are applied.

Interrupted Quenching - Quenching in which the metal object being quenched is removed from the quenching medium while
the object is at a temperature substantially higher than that of the quenching medium.

Invector - Dry scrubbing clean up of flue gases and absorbtion of free oil

Investment Casting - Also known as lost wax and precision casting, it is based on the use of a mould that is only used once.

Ion exchange - An adsorption process in which one ion is exchanged for another ion of like charge. There is an equivalence
of exchanged charge.

Iron Foundry - A place where iron castings are made.

Isomers - Two or more different compounds with the same chemical formula but different structure and characteristics.

ISO Metric Threads - Table of ISO Metric Thread standards.

Isothermal Annealing - Austenitizing a ferrous alloy and then cooling to and holding at a temperature at which austenite
transforms to a relatively soft ferrite carbide aggregate.

Isothermal Transformation - A change in phase at any constant temperature.

Izod Test - A pendulum type of single-blow impact test in which the specimen, usually notched, is fixed at one end and
broken by a falling pendulum.
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