Kapok - Used as an insulating or flotation material it comes from the seed hairs of the kapok tree (Ceiba Pentranda).

Kelvin Temperature Scale - One in which the unit of measurement equals that of the centigrade degree and according to
which absolute zero is 0 degrees, equivalent to -273.16 C.

Kelvin Wedge - For waves in the wake of a boat (gravity waves). In this case the wedge semi-angle is independent of the
speed of the body.

Kerf - The space from which metal has been removed by a cutting process.

Killed Steel - Steel treated with a strong deoxidizing agent.

Kiln - A furnace in which ceramics are fired.

Kilopascal (kPa) - metric measure of pressure based on force per unit area.

kilopond - Another name for kilogram force.

kilo pounds per square inch - A unit of pressure used in the imperial system of units.

Kilowatt (kw) - 1000 watts

Kilowatt Hour (kwh) - 1000 watthours.

Kinetic energy - The energy a body has by virtue of its motion; the work done by an external force to bring the body from
rest to a particular state of motion

Kinematic Viscosity - The dynamic viscosity of a fluid divided by the fluid density.

Kinematics - A branch of mechanics dealing with the motion of rigid bodies without reference to their masses or the forces
acting on the bodies.

kip - Abbreviation of kilo pounds force.

kJ - An abbreviation of kilojoule, one thousand joules. The SI unit of energy is the joule.

Knoop Hardness Test - An indentation hardness test.

Knurl - A decorative gripping surface of straight-line or diagonal design made by uniformly serrated rolls called knurls.

Knurling - The process of finishing a part by scoring or pressing patterns on the surface of the work.

kp - Abbreviation of kilopond, another name for kilogram force.

ksi - Abbreviation for kilo pounds per square inch.
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