Machine - Any mechanical or electrical device that performs a task for people.

Machine Tool - A power-driven machine designed to bore, cut, drill, or grind metal or other materials.

Machinery Vibration - The vibration of rotating machinery may infer certain defects.

Macrostructure - The structure of metals as revealed by examination of the etched surface of a polished specimen at a
magnification not exceeding ten diameters.

Magnetic Bearing - A bearing that separates comparative rotating surfaces through the use of a magnetic field.

Magnetic Particle Inspection - A nondestructive method of inspection for determining the existence and extent of possible
defects in ferromagnetic materials.

Mahogany - A very hard wood that is very durable and can be polished to a fine finish with a rich colour.

Malleable - Capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or rolling.

Mandrel - A precision-made tapered shaft to support work for machining between centres.

Manometer - A U-shaped glass tube, partly filled with a liquid, water or mercury, employed to measure pressure.

Marble - A granular metamorphosed limestone that is often polished and used for decoration.

Martempering - Quenching an austenitized ferrous alloy in a medium at a temperature in the upper part of the martensite

Martensite - Martensite is a microconstituent or structure in quenched steel characterized by an acicular or needle-lie pattern
on the surface of polish.

Mass - The SI unit of mass is the kilogram.

Material Safety Data Sheet - Safety information sheet for a particular substance that lists physical properties, hazards,
cleanup and disposal procedures, fire and explosion data, and protective equipment required.

Mathematical Model - A mathematical representation of a process or physical object.

Mean Temperature Difference - In heat exchange calculations, a pseudo average temperature difference between the
warmer and colder fluids at inlet and outlet conditions.

Mean Time Between Failure - The average time between failures for a continuously operating system.

Mean Time to Failure - The measured operating time of a system or component divided by the number of failures that
occurred during that time.

Mechanical Impedance - The mechanical properties of a machine system (mass, stiffness, damping) that determine the
response to periodic forcing functions.

Mechanical Properties - The properties of a material that reveal its elastic and inelastic behaviour where force is applied.

MEMS - Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems or microelectromechanical systems: Systems that combine mechanical and
electrical components and are fabricated using semiconductor fabrication techniques.

Meniscus - The curved top of a column of liquid in a small tube.

MEP - Refers to the mechanical electrical, and  plumbing systems within a building.

Mesh - To engage as the teeth between two gears.

Metal - A metal is a substance that conducts heat and electricity, is shiny and reflects many colors of light, and can be
hammered into sheets or drawn into wire.

Metallurgy - The science and technology of metals and alloys.

Metal Oxide Varistor - (MOV) or surge-suppressor - a discrete electronic component that diverts excessive voltage to the
ground and/or neutral lines.

Metric Horsepower - Also known as Cheval Vapeur.

Metric Threads - Tapping and clearance drill sizes for coarse and fine metric thread sizes.

mg/L — micrograms per liter

mgd - million gallons per day

MHz - Megahertz, measurement of frequency, million cycles per second.

Microdevice - a component that is not visible without the use of an optical microscope, typically within the range of 10^-4 to
10^-7 meters.

Microfabrication - A collection of technologies which are utilized in making microdevices. Typical microfabrication processes
include photolithography, etching (such as reactive-ion etching or deep reactive-ion etching), thin film deposition, thermal
oxidation, doping by either thermal diffusion or ion implantation, wire bonding, chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP), and
wafer cleaning (also known as surface preparation).

Microhardness - The hardness of microscopic areas or of the individual microconstituents in a metal.

Microtechnology - A broad term that refers to mechanical and/or electrical devices which are within the range of 10^-4 to
10^-7 meters. The term "microtechnology" emcompasses micromachining, semiconductor processing, microelectronic
fabrication, semiconductor fabrication, MEMS fabrication and integrated circuit technology.

Micrometer - An instrument used to measure the size of a body.

mil - One thousandth (0.001) of an inch.

Mill - A milling machine. Also, the act of performing an operation on the milling machine.

Mill Edge - The edge of strip, sheet or plate in the as rolled state.

Milling Cuffer - A cutting tool, generally cylindrical in shape and used on a milling machine and operated essentially like a
circular saw.

MIMO - A Multiple Input, Multiple Output system - multiple antennas and multiple radios.

Mineral Wool - Also known as rock wool.

MMI - Man-machine interface

MMS - Minerals Management Service

Mobility - The ratio of the carrier velocity to the applied electric field.

Model - A copy of an object that is n times smaller than the fullsize object.

Model Engineers Thread - A thread based upon the Whitworth thread form that was established in 1912.

Modulus of Elasticity - The modulus of elasticity is the slope of the stress-strain diagram in the linear region.

Modulus of Rupture - Breaking strength in a non-ductile solid as measured by bending.

Mohs - A hardness scale developed by F. Mohs in 1812 where the hardness of a material is compared with that of a mineral.

Mole Grips - A type of pliers with locking jaws that can be used as pliers, wrench, clamp, or small vice.

Molecular Mass - The sum of the atomic masses of the atoms in a molecule.

Moment of Inertia - Principal axis for a body of uniform density.

Monel - Strong and corrosion resistant. Applications include: turbine blades, propellers, pump fittings, ...

Morse Taper - A self-holding standard taper largely used on small cutting tools.

MOV - Metal Oxide Varistor

mpg - miles per gallon.

MTBF - The average time between failures for a continuously operating system.

MTTF - The measured operating time of a system or component divided by the number of failures that occurred during that

Muffler - An acoustic filter element used to reduce sound pressure levels inside a duct.

Muntz Metal - Stonger than normal brass and used for castings and hot worked items. 60 % Copper 40 % Zinc

Music Wire - Another name for piano wire, a high quality steel wire used for making springs.
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