Ultimate disposal - The process of returning residuals back to the environment in a form which will have the minimal or
reduced negative environmental impacts

Ultimate Strength - Maximum stress at point of rupture.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - An effective cleaning process for small items and fine detail where the item is immersed in a bath of
cleaning fluid that is excited at ultrasonic frequenices.

Ultrasonic Testing - A method of non destructive testing of steel bars, plates or parts with high frequency sound waves
produced with electronic equipment.

Ultraviolet - That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum below blue light (380 nanometers).

Under-Cooling - Cooling a material below the temperature of an equilibrium phase change fast enough to not allow the
occurrence of the transformation.

Understeer - A handling condition in which the slip angle of the front tyres is greater than the slip angle of the rears.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) - American association chartered to test and evaluate products.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - A type of power supply designed to support the load for specified periods when the line
varies outside specified limits. UPS systems generally filter the AC line voltage and provide battery-backup power in the
event that the main AC power fails.

Unit Cell - The smallest repetitive volume that comprises the complete pattern of a crystal.

Universal Milling Machine - A milling machine with a worktable that can be swiveled for milling helical work.

Upstream (oil industry) - The exploration, production, and transportation of oil and gas

U-tube Heat Exchanger - A heat exchanger consisting of a bundle of U tubes (hairpin tubes) surrounded by a shell (outer
vessel); one fluid flows through the tubes, and the other fluid flows through the shell, around the tubes,
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