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Wafer Fab - Semiconductor processing facility which turns wafers into integrated circuits

WAN - Wide Area Network, any Internet or network that covers an area larger than a single building

Waste Gate - A valve used to limit the boost developed in a turbocharger.

Watershed - An area of land that feeds water from rain and snowmelt into a river, creek, stream, lake or other body of water

Wastewater - Consumed or used water from a municipality or industry that contains dissolved and/or suspended matter

Waterwheel - A wheel with paddles designed to extract power from flowing water.

Watt - A measure of electric power equal to a current flow of one ampere under one volt of pressure

Waveband - A series of wavelengths forming a group.

Wear Pattern - A pattern of wear visible at the point where two parts touch.

Weft - The yarns running perpendicular to the warp in a woven fabric.

Weld Bead - A weld deposit resulting from a pass.

Weld Gauge - A device designed for checking the shape and size of welds.

Weld Metal - That portion of a weld that has been melted during welding.

Weld Symbol - A picture used to indicate the desired type of weld.

Weldability - The capacity of a material to form a strong bond of adherence under pressure or when solidifying from a liquid.

Welder Certification - Certification in writing that a welder has produced welds meeting prescribed standards.

Welder Performance Qualification - The demonstration of a welders ability to produce welds meeting prescribed standards.

Welding - The process of joining two pieces of metal together by hammering, pressure or fusion.

Welding Pressure - The pressure exerted during the welding operation on the parts being welded.

Welding Rod - Filler metal in wire or rod form, used in gas welding and brazing processes and in those arc welding processes
in which the electrode does not provide the filler metal.

Welding Tip - The tip of a gas torch especially adapted to welding.

Welding Torch - A device used in gas welding and torch brazing for mixing and controlling the flow of gases.

Welding Transformer - A device for providing current of the desired voltage.

Weldment - An assembly whose component parts are formed by welding.

Wet Bulb Temperature - The temperature recorded by a thermometer whose bulb has been covered with a wetted wick and
whirled on a sling psychrometer.

Wheatstone Bridge - A network of four resistances, an emf source, and a galvanometer connected such that when the four
resistances are matched, the galvanometer will show a zero deflection or "null" reading.

Wheel Dresser - A tool or device for dressing or truing a grinding wheel.

Wheelbase - The distance between the centres of the front and rear wheel axles as viewed from the side of the car.

Whirl - Whirling is defined as the rotation of the plane made by the bent shaft and the line of centres of the bearing.

Wide Open Throttle - The throttle of an internal combustion engine is fully open and so demanding maximum power at any
given engine speed.

Winch - A machine, the essential part of which consists of a drum driven by hand or powered through gearing, and used to
receive a rope which is wound upon it.

Wind Power - Windmills are used in a number of different applications for generating electrical power to pumping water.

Wire Brush - A brush with metal bristles used to remove loose material from metal surfaces.

Witness Mark - A punch mark or scratch used to position or locate some part in its proper spot.

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network

Wood Screws - The diameter and pilot drill size versus wood screw gauge.

Work Hardening - Increase dislocation density in metals through straining a material with an applied stress.

Working Drawing - A drawing. blueprint, or sketch of a part, structure, or machine.

Worm - The threaded cylinder or shaft designed to mesh with a worm gear.

Worm Gear - A gear with helical teeth made to conform with the thread of the mating worm.

WOT - Wide Open Throttle.

Wrist Pin - Also known as a piston pin, a pin that rests in two bored holes in the piston and passes through the eye of the
connecting rod, to join the two together flexibly.

Wrought Alloy - An alloy that is suitable for mechanical forming below melting-point temperatures.

Wrought Iron - The purest commercial form of iron, nearly free of carbon.
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