X-Axis - One of the axes in a three-dimensional system, that is not the y- or z-axis.

XCO - Crystal clock oscillator

Xenon - A heavy colorless odorless inert gaseous element occurring in traces in the
atmosphere and used in fluorescent lamps.

Xeric - Requiring only a small amount of moisture, as a xeric habitat.

X-Radiation - Electromagnetic radiation of the same nature as visible light, but having a wavelength approximately one
thousandth that of visible light.

X-Ray, Weld - To examine, treat, or photograph the connection of surfaces that have
been welded together.  

X-Ray - Electromagnetic radiations of a short wavelength that can penetrate various
thicknesses of all solids.

Xtreme - a variation of the word "extreme," has been used  to describe just about anything that wants to be the greatest
possible degree or extent or intensity

Xylene - A solvent obtained from wood tar, coal tar, or petroleum.

Xylol - Xylene.
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