Y Strainer - A device in the shape of a Y for withholding foreign matter from a flowing liquid or gas.

Yacht - A pleasure vessel, a pleasure boat; The notion of size and luxury is conveyed, can be either sail or power.

Yield Point - The point at which a material deforms with no increase in load; the stress at which a material ceases to deform
in a fully elastic manner.

Yield Strain - A material deformed beyond its yield strain, no longer exhibits linear elastic behaviour

Yield Strength - The specified minimum yield strength or yield point of reinforcement in psi.

YIG - Yttrium-iron-garnet, a ferrimagnetic material used for solid-state lasers, microwave, and optical communications devices.

Y-Axis - One of the axes in a three-dimensional system, that is not the x- or y-axis.

Yoke Vent. - A pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack to a vent stack for
the purpose of preventing pressure changes in the stacks.

Youngs Modulus - The ratio of the unit stress to the unit strain below the proportional limit.  
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