Heat Exchanger Calculation

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Heat Exchanger Calculation 



- Overview
- Cone strike-out
- Head thickness calc
- Shell thickness calc
- Tubesheet lay-out
- Flange dimensions
- Pipe dimensions
- Material properties

(Thanks to www.Redbag.com

The engineering tools are active web pages that give a first introduction to web services. The development of web services to be
provided by Red-Bag is in a investigation phase until further notice.

The services under investigation are mechanical calculations for pressure vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers and pipe class
components. These calculations are required to determine the strength of the equipment or pipe component under pressure at a
specific temperature.

Many of the calculations are required to obtain the authority approval for the design of the plant. The calculations to be done are
depending the type of equipment or component but also depending the country where the equipment for the process plant is
located. In the US the calculations are executed according the ASME code and in Europe the calculations can be done
according the EN code for example. The engineering tools give a first impression of these calculations and their differences.

The tools are based on simple routines and can therefore only be used for study or estimating purposes. The results should always
be checked and approved by a qualified professional engineer, the pages are not maintained regularly. Red-Bag is besides the
developer of software for the calculations also a provider of these professional engineering services.
Heat Exchanger Calculator
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