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This page contains Job Descriptions for Purchasing Jobs and Procurement Jobs that we have available.
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Job Title = Buyer/Planner II
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = 4 year degree in accounting, economics, math or business related fields with emphasis in applied
statistics or operations research strongly preferred. CPIM, and CPM are preferred.
Experience Required = Minimum 5 years’ experience in procurement/MRP required
  • Experience negotiating with suppliers required
  • Experience reviewing and maintaining system of MOQ required
  • Experience with inventory planning and analysis including ability to determine order quantities and buying parameters
    (i.e., MOQ, safety stocks) strongly preferred
Position Description = Buyer/Planner II will be responsible for procurement and purchasing activities and work with an
established supply chain to meet material demands for Company manufacturing requirements.  Duties include purchasing
and delegating materials to the production staff, coordinating with the Production Manager and Client Solutions to ensure a
smooth and balanced workflow and maintaining/updating products and pricing in inventory database.
  • Planning and scheduling production
  • Monitoring schedule compliance for individual work centers.
  • Responsible for driving process improvements to Metrics: On Time Delivery and Performance to Standard Lead-Time.
  • Inventory management: MOQ’s, lead time, safety stock, freight in.
  • To ensure work orders are in the system within 24 hours of receipt of order so we can ensure on-time delivery to the
  • Reconcile material/labor resources with customer demand and inventory goals while achieving targeted OTD and PTSL
    goal through work order management, production scheduling and capacity planning.
  • Manage MRP messages for assigned product lines.
  • Manage various performance reporting tools and perform root cause analysis when required.
  • Manage new ramp up and ramp down for new product development, product discontinuation, no demand, Class 6
  • Assure work orders are supported with raw material.
  • Manage kanban orders for assigned product lines.
  • Maintain E-one prices, discount terms and arrangements with suppliers (as requested)
  • Place, review and follow up on purchase orders using MRP system. Expediting, bid analysis, “receiving” goods into
    inventory and purchase order system based on packing lists/invoices.
  • Provide procurement functions including issuing purchase orders, contracts, and/or change orders as applicable; cost
    control, change control and scheduling of orders; expediting, quoting and scoping changes; back orders.
  • Develop, maintain, monitor late order list. Follow up with Production Manager and suppliers on late orders to
    determine issues and identify solutions.
  • Identify, quantify, and support the resolution of quality issues on products.
  • Review and maintain system of MOQ’s and lead times to ensure MRP signals are prompt and reflect appropriate
    inventory management information. Identify instances where MRP standard costs, lead times, MOQ’s or other MRP
    drivers should be amended for improvement.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to improve products in terms of supplier responsiveness, lead time, cost, and other
    buying recommendations.
  • Data enter invoices into purchase order system as required by Accounts Receivable. Resolve supplier invoice issues.
  • Update and maintain inventory database. Data enter kits completed/shipped/scrapped, new parts/assemblies, new
    suppliers and other applicable information in inventory system timely and accurately.
  • Act as a resource during audits or company visits.
  • Adhere to company safety procedures and other guidelines.
  • Assist with Continuous Improvement and Safety activities
  • Show a strong initiative towards identifying and implementing improved processes in the PDM, Buyer/Planner and
    Materials areas and assist in implementing safety procedures.
  • Support co-workers with training or mentoring when needed.
  • Skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with suppliers, technical resources, engineering, manufacturing via email, voice, fax
    or other applicable means
  • Ability to prioritize work based on company on time delivery and quality goals.
  • Ability to deliver professional customer service
  • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and E1/JDE.MRP system)
  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Responsive and adaptable to change
  • Oracle or SAP experience strongly preferred
Location = San Antonio, TX